Greg Lynn | Working Studies | Animations
This page links to animations created by Greg Lynn during the development phases of the Cardiff and Yokohama projects, as well as more recent project studies and diagrams that explore iterations of some of the evolutionary theories developed in his essay The Renewed Novelty of Symmetry. Forthcoming will be more animations of Yokohama by Ed Keller, and Greg Lynn's animations for the Port Authority Competition.
[These animations are flattened, stuffed, and binhexed. They should be looped during viewing.]

1 THE SUSHI SERIES | a group of loops rendered as studies for the Yokohama Competition. 
		sushi 1-280k
		sushi 2-320k

2 THE BATESON SERIES | loops investigating Bateson's rules of biomorphic growth.

3 THE CARDIFF SERIES | loops of the Cardiff Opera House scheme- studies, and a final loop.
		cardiff 1-320k
		cardiff 2-720k
		cardiff 3-1020k

		citron house-current project study-900k
		glynn form logo-250k
		sleeve-the tube!- 970k

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